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Yayo Grandz has had his taste of fame, this time he wants it on his terms. Grandz is one of Atlanta’s best kept secret and that secret dropped one of the best projects of the summer and the year entitled “Head 2 The Sky Back 2 the Wall, Vol 1” where he gave his all. I was able to speak with the rising star and was able learn more the artist. Check out this OneOnOne with Yayo Grandz.

1. How did you get Yayo Grandz? 

  • I got the name Yayo Grandz from my childhood homie AMG.

2. Who are your influences in music?

  • My influences are artist like Future, Young Thug, and Drake. Just because of their melodic tempo and style. R&B was a big part of my childhood so that’s why I’m a huge fan of that particular style of art. 

3.  Every artist has a creative process, explain yours. 

  • I don’t think I can necessarily explain it, it’s just something I feel and I just go in lol.

4. Has your sound changed throughout the years?

  •  Of course, I would hope so. I’m always looking for growth so in my opinion. Yeah, I think so. 

5. While creating music do you listen to other artists or other genres? 

  •  It depends, I may have been listening to a certain artist and get inspired by something they may say or a melody they used may give the urge to record.

6. When creating a project, do you have a vision board of what you want to talk about?

  • Not necessarily, I just let the music come out. I’ve been doing it so long, I just kind go with the vibe I’m in at the time. I may do that one day though, just drop a r&b tape or something lol.

7. Did the music your parents played growing up does that play into your music? 

  •  Most definitely, my mom played a lot of r&b. We grew up watching all the popping music shows from 106 to TRL. Both my parents love music. 

8. What’s the difference between your side of town musically in Atlanta and the others? 

  • It don’t think it’s a difference in sides. It’s Atlanta, we have a certain sound. We the culture.

9. What was the actual wait for you to drop music? 

  •  It just wasn’t the time. I had to get myself to a place mentally to be able to create and give what I thought was a good body of work. It was all Gods timing. 

10.  “Head 2 The Sky Back 2 The Wall V1” is personally one of my favorite projects of the year, how did you come up with the title and what the recording process like? 

  • Thank you, the title came from some game a particular artist was giving on a record and it sat with me so I used it because it related to me personally but the process was a 3 day thing to be honest. I record myself so I have a lot of music laying around but 8 of those 11 songs were done alone in 3 days. 

11. Did you give yourself a time table for your project to be done?

  • Once I realized I wanted to finally release some music I did. 

12. Would there be a time that you and SelfPaidAce drop a project together? 

  • Who knows, maybe some day. We don’t record as much together as we use to but we still do music together. That’s my brother, I’m forever on his side. Right or wrong. SelfPaidOvaAll.

13. What albums did you grow up listening to?

  • Aww man, I listened to a lot lol. I know for sure 50 Cent Get Rich Or Die Trying was definitely one of em. I remember loving T.I. KING album, I think that’s his most underrated body of work. Man, Future 1000 mixtape. Rocko, Wildlife. Drake’s So Far So Gone really just took me to another place musically. I’m a fan of artistry, so I can go on and on about some albums I loved growing up lol.

14. Music is about emotions, what emotions did you go through while writing your project?

  • I don’t write at all, but I was in a space mentally where i felt confident about myself as an artist and who I am as a person, so I touched something that meant a lot to me so it was joyful to be honest. That was a fun 3 days man. I was by myself too, that’s what make it so crazy. 

15. Will there be any more videos dropping from this project?

  • Most definitely, I just shot two videos two weeks str8. Soon come lol I got a lot in store. New project before the year over as well. 

16.  Does an artist need a street presence or an internet presence?

  • It depends on what lane you taking, either way is good if the motives and intentions are pure. 

17. Who are your supporters?

  • My supporters are my family. I got a lot of loved ones I could name so I’ll just say family because we will be here all day lol. 

18. Do you have any artists you would want to collaborate with?

  • That’s not really something I think about but if I had to pick, I go Future or Thug. Maybe Lil Baby or Skooly. I say Skooly because he’s a legend and done so much for our culture it’s only right I pay my respect to a young king. 

19. Who are your type five Atlanta artists?

  • Right now or all time? I’ll do right now lol I’ll say: Future, Thug, Baby, Gunna Wunna and 21 Savage.

20. Who are you?

  • Who am I? A leader, a king, a winner, and a champion.
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