One On One w/ S.I.E Music Partners Founder Dane Harrison


Independent artists need more help to thrive than others. Dane Harrison has fixed that issue with the creation of S.I.E Music Partners. SIE is an independent entertainment company that offers a full label services, management and music marketing. I had a chance to sit down with Dane and get to know him a bit better! Read below.

1. Where did you grow up, and how did you get into the music business?

  • I was born in Syracuse New York, a small college town in upstate NY. Obviously, the only thing it’s famous for is the university and a few university alumni. I left Syracuse when I was about 6 and then I just remember moving around a lot. So, I grew up in a bunch of places but the place I spent the most amount of time was Arizona.

2. What made you start a label instead of being an artist yourself?

  • I tried being an artist but, I just found myself liking engineering music way more. I used to have everyone around Arizona come through to my house and record on my little setup in my room. You know, the mic in the closet type deal. I can song write, produce, and mix but, me being an actual artist just never came to fruition and I’m ok with it, It’s hard work.

3. What’s a regular workday look like for you?

  • I have a pretty strict schedule. I wake up every morning around 6 am and I do my morning routine. After that, I jump straight into checking in with the artists that I work with. Seeing what’s going on with their day and what they have planned. Also, cross-referencing that with whatever we may need to do for brand development that day.

4. How important is a YouTube presence to running a successful label? 

  • YouTube is super important. I’m a strong believer in selling a “lifestyle” and “aesthetic”. That’s super important for gaining and retaining fans and engagement from them. Everyone wants to live through someone else whether they choose to believe it or not.

5. How do you decide what artists you sign to the label?

  • The first thing I look for is work ethic, that’s a must-have! The music can always get better over time and your image can always change but, if you don’t want to put the work in then it just won’t ever work. I want the artists who start to annoy me. I want to hear “yo what’s next”, “what does this mean”, “how can I make this better”, all the time. If I meet an artist who is eager to show that they want to work, then we will most likely get to work. There are obviously other factors as well but work ethic is the main priority. 

6. Where did the name S.I.E come from?

  • I’m a strong believer in speaking things into existence. So, S.I.E means exactly that. (S)peaking (I)nto (E)xistence.

7. What part has been the biggest challenge that you faced in terms of getting this label off the ground? 

  • The biggest challenge thus far is funding. That’s a major issue with any independent venture. You can always find talent and people to help but, finding the funding to really hit the ground running was the most difficult part.

8. What do you tell your artists about their music?

  • Everything! I’m brutally honest and a bit abrasive. I don’t mean to be but that’s just how I am. IF it’s trash then I will tell you. If I know you can do better I will always push you to do better. Some people can take that critique and some can’t.

9. Who is the core team at S.I.E?

  • The core team at S.I.E? Well if I’m speaking from the perspective of who has a email address, then it’s just me. I do have a few super amazing close friends who help along the way but, I do all of the admin, publishing, metadata management, ads, marketing, etc.

10. What challenges do you have as an indie label?

  • There is a lot of noise to compete with in the music and entertainment space now. Everyone has the ability to make music in the bedroom with equipment that you can buy online. It makes you have to dig a bit deeper when you are figuring out creative ways to cut through.  

11. Who are you?

  •  Who am I? I’m a normal person, I’m just someone who is highly motivated by success and knowledge

Rain Ammons or RainBloggedIt is a blogger, content creator and publicist out of the Atlanta area. She is the founder of music brand and website coming soon. She started her career as an intern for a small label in Atlanta and has turned to a go to for indie artists in Atlanta and beyond.

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