Watch: Pro Material – Second Helpings

Independent rap duo Pro Material releases their latest single and video entitled “Second Helpings” which demonstrates the relentless grind of lyricists whose inspiration comes from a positive transfer of energy. Gilz and Banks engage in a cyclical lyrical process to display their creative genius. 
 Recorded at Suite 16 Studios in Tampa with their engineer MixedbyVic, PRO MATERIAL delivered a “no hook” track. Instead the duo viciously traded punches on the Buckroll-produced track, painting a picture that their backs were against the wall and they were continuously fighting to make a way out of the situation. ,Their East Coast sound is apparent on a number of songs including “Second Helpings.” Influenced by groups like The Lox, Mobb Deep, Method Man & Redman, Dipset, and legendary rappers like Fabulous, Jay-Z, and Nas, the prolific rappers are determined to prove that they belong on the highest stage.
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