Stream: Isaac Zale + Chuuwee Says “Think Good Thoughts”


Following the release of their previous singles “Ziploc,” “No Room For Saints,” and “Vitamins” this project is meant to make you feel good from start to finish. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the project and if possible any playlisting, editorial, or social support would mean the world to us. If there’s any opportunity for an interview around the project and how it came together OR potentially a story on this unlikely friendship between two rappers from vastly different worlds we’d love to chat more about that and figure out ways to drive our audience to your platform. Production by Dane Zabo, Incepshun & Kevo GotBeats.

Rain Ammons or RainBloggedIt is a blogger, content creator and publicist out of the Atlanta area. She is the founder of music brand and website coming soon. She started her career as an intern for a small label in Atlanta and has turned to a go to for indie artists in Atlanta and beyond.

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