Sean Kiez Releases New Single “Bag Full of Wishes” + Death Row Mixtape


Recording artist Sean Kiez shares a glimpse of the harsh realities of his childhood in “Bag Full of Wishes”. The lyrics prove that intrinsic motivation and undying hope helped Kiez overcome his struggles during his youth. 

The Raphael RJ2 produced track delivers a timeless hip hop vibe accompanied by Kiez’s impassioned wordplay. The intensity of the church bells and organs takes him back to a time when he didn’t know what his future looked like. 

The emotional track serves as a solemn reflection about his roots, highlighting that he takes pride in his history not defining his future. His wishes surely kept him going. 

In fact, the quintessential hustler reminds everyone why his well-documented recitation of past experiences propelled him to grind harder to achieve his dreams. The track demonstrates that he’s in the driver’s seat of his life, fueled by limitless ambition. Additionally, Sean Kiez’s last release “Can’t Stop Tippin” is currently on radio in several markets.

Recently, Sean Kiez celebrated his feature on Death Row Records’ latest project: Death Row Off Lockdown Mixtape Vol. 1Afterlegendary rapper Snoop Dogg acquired the label, he has made strategic efforts to revolutionize its catalog. As Kiez continues to build on his momentum as a heavy hitter in the industry, he understands how music can greatly impact society. 

“The real life experiences from this record shaped who I am and why I move the way I move today,” Sean Kiez said. Listen above and see what you think!

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