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Chavelle Yahyel is a young reggae artist that is steadily swaying her way onto the entertainment realm that oozes class and confidence. Dubbed the “Jamaican gypsy”, the singer & songwriter hails from Montego Bay but is located in Fort Lauderdale and is ready to take her skills mainstream and plans to do with her finesse and cadence. Chavelle’s image and voice has been compared to other Jamaican women reggae stars such as Savannah, Lila Ike and Naomi Cowan. I was able to speak with the artist before the release of her project at the end of the summer. Read below.

1. How were you introduced to reggae music?

  • My uncle was a big part of my introduction to reggae music I grew up Adventist and he was Rastafarian and the only one that went against the grain and I like that. My mother also played a lot of Luciano and beres  Hammond 

2. What was the creative process like for recording your new project?

  • I tend to develop a concept either when I get a Riddim or create a melody from scratch. The concept helps me to plot the idea of the song. Most times i create concepts weeks before I even develop the song. Once I have 2 verses I go to the studio. Sometimes co create with the producers or other artist in the studio to create a third verse or a bridge. Get the song mixed rave over how dope it is to get it mastered and schedule it to be released. 

3. Who are your influences in music?

  • A major influence on my journey is jah 9. Her music healed me through a really rough time in my life and elevated my consciousness. I play her songs like hymns to be honest. I love the music that speaks to the soul. So artiste like India Arie, Lauryn Hill and Jhené Aiko just to name a few. I’m obsessed with old school R&B as well.  All of that said I would be lying if I said I wasn’t influenced by modern dancehall. The lyrical god Vybz Kartel, chronic law, just to name a few.

4. While creating music do you listen to others?

  • Not while creating no. Sometimes after writing verses I have my Dj friends scan it to see if it sounds like anything they’ve heard 

5. How do you deal with anxiety regarding going into crowds or meeting new artists? 

  • Purpose. At first I may be nervous but once I look at the bigger picture, that I am a vessel to pour into others and I see the audience as myself most of the anxiety falls away. 

6. What are your 5 favorite albums?

  •   I really have a top 10. I love catalogue artists because I can listen to a full body of magic -112 part 3 -jah 9 -the soundtrack for the movie Best man -Jhené Aiko’s Trip-the pains of growing by Alessia Cara

7. Whats artists do you want to collaborate with?

  • I don’t even know yet. It all depends on artiste’s energy and vibe when i meet them. I can’t listen to an artiste and say I would love to collab. After meeting an artist for example Chavez Illmatic who is featured on my upcoming release called ‘light it up’ our intention to uplift people’s vibe while providing them with edutainment. 

8. How did you decide to do the Shabba Ranks cover?

  • I was advised by one of my mentors to cover it. He thought my voice could do Ms. Glasgow song justice 

9. Who are you?

A human woman of African and Indian descent who chose to come to this world to expand.

Rain Ammons or RainBloggedIt is a blogger, content creator and publicist out of the Atlanta area. She is the founder of music brand and website coming soon. She started her career as an intern for a small label in Atlanta and has turned to a go to for indie artists in Atlanta and beyond.

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